World of Plenty

Come exchange with a local or global community! Add anything to see matches.

Or make a mosaic. Many people can exchange together for the reason you choose!

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a person surrounded by all the things and skills they have or want

Your Hidden Value

Your skills, things, interests, experiences, passions, and dreams make you unique. Each is essential to the complete you. Now you can exchange it all with the help of community! Browse tiles.

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Collect and Connect

Make a collection of WANTS and HAVES in a "mosaic." Choose if it's for you only, a group, or the public. Use it to attract anything you want to exchange! Browse Mosaics.

all you wants and haves collected together in a square grid resembling a mosaic
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a row of people behind which is a colourful wall or mosaic of all their haves and wants

Plenty Together

Your networks are full of opportunity. The trick is knowing who, what, where, when, why, and how to access it. Mass Mosaic matches your wants/haves with the right people so we all can thrive together! Browse now.

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Our Goal

World Renaissance

We are here to accelerate the shift to a peaceful planetary civilization. We seek to help steward in a new era in abundance and consider it an honor to walk this path with you.


the chiefs
a line of six blurred people in the background, in the forground alternates the three founders Alison, Eric and Rob